AT LAST!! WE CAN CONFIRM THAT THE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL CHORUS INSIDE CROATIA, FROM 27 AUGUST TO 01 SEPTEMBER 2020, WILL TAKE PLACE! We have received the safety protocols of the accommodation facilities that will host the choirs and the necessary authorizations for the locations where the events will take place. Every aspect related to security has been carefully prepared in line with all the provisions issued on the subject, both by the Government of Croatia and by Italy. I understand the fear of many choristers in participating in singing events after the long block of activities … but the spirit of the recent Ministerial Decrees is to resume activities in phase 2 and to gradually reactivate all sectors and categories INCLUDING THOSE OF A CULTURAL AND SOCIAL NATURE. Everyone can freely evaluate whether or not to take responsibility for having their choir participate in a concert or even in simple weekly rehearsals … but without assuming critical attitudes towards those who decide, in full compliance with the laws and safety protocols, to resume choral activities. For our part, we will organize every event in scrupulous observance of all safety provisions and we will strive to rekindle the joy of singing in choir “live” and not in a virtual way …. All the Categories are reorganizing despite the fact that there is no zero risk… and if the activity of a gym has the dignity of being reopened and made accessible to the many lovers of physical fitness, we believe that even the Choirs have the dignity of being able to exercise their activities without being blamed for this. Therefore, we propose this first international event as a possible first step to reactivate our Choirs, in the hope that soon we can all return to normal. I send you a warm greeting and a choral embrace! The President Read the security protocol



The Federation of Italian Choirs Chorus Inside, in order to support the Italian chorality and to make accessible the information related to our Sector, informs all the associated Choirs that the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities has published the notice for the assignment and disbursement of contributions to the show provided for by Article 89 D.L. 17 March 2020 nr.18 – D.M. 23 April 2020 (in an amount not exceeding 10,000.00 euros for each beneficiary). Interested choirs can contact our. offices for assistance and collaboration in the presentation of projects. For the purposes of access to the contribution, the application, signed by the legal representative of the proposing body, under penalty of exclusion, must be submitted by 4 pm on 25 May 2020. Link

CHORAL FRATERNITY But does it really exist? In fact, it is a term that we often use to indicate the spirit with which we sometimes carry out our activities, when we collaborate with other choirs, when we interact with other realities, or when we participate in international festivals. Yet, many choirs continue to ask us: DOES IT REALLY EXIST? Do you find that this “fraternal” spirit is present among choirs, between federations or between conductors? Many are skeptical about the existence of this fraternal spirit that should in some way bind chorality in a common bond, in the sharing of values such as love for music and song, solidarity, friendship. It is undeniable that some openly express their hostility towards a choral federation, towards a choir or a conductor. But can we consider the positions of some subjects as the thought of all chorality or of an entire federation? And then the crucial question: WHAT IS THE POSITION OF THE FEDERATION OF ITALIAN CHOIRS CHORUS INSIDE? I will try to be as clear as possible… The Italian Choirs Federation Chorus Inside was born as an “Association of Choirs” at the request of many Italian collectives that have expressed the need to have a “direct” relationship with the central management body and the need for an efficient choral network. By choice, therefore, we are not a Federation of regional associations. We simply formed ourselves to be at the service of the Choirs. We are a small Federation but constantly growing… and animated by an inexhaustible energy and great desire to see our projects realized. The work we do every day leads us to share all the problems faced by our associated choirs and together with them we always try to find an effective line of support. THE ACTIVITY WE CARRY OUT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT IN CONFLICT WITH THE WORK CARRIED OUT BY OTHER FEDERATIONS AND, ALTHOUGH MAINTAINING A DIFFERENT VISION, WE ALWAYS RESPECT THE WORK DONE BY OTHERS. On the other hand, the principle on which chorality is based is the UNION for which we are always available to collaborate or to undertake virtuous paths with every Association, Federation, Organization, Collective that you want to put at the service of chorality. We have done this before and will continue to do so. Last thing. The differences of views between Federations do not represent a reason for contrast or opposition but, on the contrary, they are a sign of vitality, of different approach, of opportunities for choice in order to have an alternative … the monopoly system is not a synonym of plurality or democracy but of a flattening that would oppress the entire choral sector. We are therefore happy that Italian choristers can choose which Federation to belong to… choose the type of association that best meets your needs and that provides the most functional services to its activities, without entering into a dynamic of conflict. Choral fraternity is born precisely from this… to feel united in the sharing of values and common interests despite the federative diversity. I hope to have clearly expressed the thought of our Federation and I hope that precisely in this period of calamity and suffering, all the Italian chorality can come together and find itself, united in the true spirit of choral fraternity. A warm greeting.

Davide Recchia placeholder image President of the Federation of Italian Choirs Chorus Inside APS – Ente Terzo Settore


BUT WHO ARE WE? Now everything is finally clear. We could not understand why in no ministerial ordinance, in any communication, in any Decree, the “Choral” Category appeared … even in the stated reopenings of activities in Phase 2 there is no mention of the CORO category. The category of the Show is named with all its employees, theaters, musicians, event agencies, cinemas … but NEVER the word CORO was spoken. We asked ourselves a thousand questions and as a Federation we strongly demanded answers from the highest institutions that, through officials and managers, finally pronounced themselves, clarifying the real reason for this colossal exclusion. IN A NUTSHELL “WE ARE NOT RECOGNIZED AS A CATEGORY”!! The Choirs are seen as territorial entities that basically carry out playful, artistic, cultural activities but completely amateur and spontaneous, without coordination or organic connection. We are disconcerted and embittered by these considerations and we have expressed this openly by sending our demands to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Culture, the Secretariats, the Commissions and many Leaders of various Ministries. Obviously we speak on behalf of our associated choirs (which grow daily in number). In summary, we claim our belonging to a CATEGORY of absolute importance for the country… a Category that produces CULTURE, that intervenes in the SOCIAL, that protects the TRADITIONS of the territories, that promotes quality TOURISM, that UNITES peoples with singing and that exports the richest MUSICAL HERITAGE in the World. We are not a “niche” of the Society but a huge number of citizens who have made chorality their reason for living, investing their resources and their time, to keep alive one of the cultural and traditional events that characterize Italy abroad. As Federazione Cori Italiani Chorus Inside, we therefore claim the role of CATEGORY for what has been done over the years by our Choirs and for the close bond that in fact unites every choral reality … WE ARE NOT DISTINCT ENTITIES without connection but each of our collectives manifests the same needs, the same motivations, the same social dynamics. Our Federation is committed, with all its strength, to coordinate, support, promote and provide services not for a single choir but for an entire choral category. From the analysis we carried out on over 500 choirs, it emerged that many collectives risk dissolving and disappearing due to the scarcity of funds to manage the resumption of activities as well as for the objective difficulty in overcoming the fear of contagion in normal social relations. We risk seeing a piece of Italian culture disappear, a centuries-old heritage built on the basis of the most authentic Italian regional traditions. We cannot accept it without opposing remedies or interventions to support the Choirs in this moment of crisis and epochal upheavals. We therefore ask the government institutions to recognize us as a COLLECTIVE ENTITY and to evaluate the right support FOR ALL CHOIRS so that they can resume their important role in our Society. This time we will not sing but if necessary we will scream our reasons! Of course we will keep you updated on developments. Thanking you for the affection you show us every day, I send you the strongest choral embrace! Davide Recchia President of the Federation of Italian Choirs Chorus Inside APS – Ente Terzo Settore Link

Finally Italy is about to get out of the quarantine tunnel and gradually each category will resume its activities … but the Choirs? Will they be able to reorganize and maybe do the weekly rehearsals? This is the most recurring question that our members ask us also because the “Choirs” category has never been included or mentioned in the list of priority subjects that will resume carrying out their activities. As federazione Cori italiani Chorus Inside we are dealing with government institutions and, on our own initiative, we are drafting a Safety Protocol that allows us, in the future, to carry out at least the tests without taking risks. I report in the post some points that we have inserted, but we are ready to accept your proposals to make this tool even more effective. What more can I say? Only that the Federation is alive, and is representing all the associated Choirs in front of the Institutions… an important, difficult and necessary task that I hope will bring a concrete benefit in the coming months. I send everyone my personal wish to always be positive and optimistic because the history of man teaches us that after every calamity there is always a “renaissance” both socially and culturally. And we want to be ready for that moment. A warm greeting and a choral “virtual” embrace to all. Link

Davide Recchia placeholder image President of the Federation of Italian Choirs Chorus Inside APS – Ente Terzo Settore

Let’s finally start moving!! We participated in the interesting Conference call called by the Municipal Administration of Rome in which the foundations were laid for the next choral events (Eureka projects and Roman Summer). We report below the intervention of our delegate, Luigi Ferrante, to whom goes my personal thanks for the availability and professionalism demonstrated, and the summary of what was expressed by the Deputy Mayor Luca Bergamo and the other administrators: LUIGI FERRANTE: Our Federation reiterates the need for a protocol that favors the conduct of concerts at least outdoors and a planning of all the scheduled choral events. It is proposed the establishment of a Calendar where each choir can insert its event … “what I do tonight” could be a functional calendar title for users. Given the decision of the municipal administration to carry out the first outdoor cultural activities, we also propose to use the city’s parks for this purpose. The “Choir in the park” could be the theme… Given the important number of parks in Rome, which presumably will be full of people finally free to leave their homes, the idea is to do Concerts or even “Open Outdoor Rehearsals” involving anyone who wants to try their hand at singing … a system that could give new “life” to the choirs. We also call for necessary measures to reduce bureaucracy and costs for municipal taxes (e.g. the abolition of taxes on the occupation of public land and contracts with energy providers). Finally, non-repayable contributions are absolutely necessary to support choral associations burdened by monthly management costs (rents for example) and in difficulty due to long inactivity. Support is also desirable for music writers and choir directors. LUCA BERGAMO: Municipalities have specific limits for the disbursement of funds to support income, and cannot cancel TARI or other taxes … however, they can provide dedicated funds to support activities. Culture, sport and tourism were the first activities to be closed and will be the last to be reopened. The Cura Italia Decree, while dealing in part with entertainment, cinema and audiovisual, does not cover intermittent or occasional work and does not give room for maneuver to municipalities. It was therefore requested an extension to these professional figures and to be able to transfer the tax credit to the bank. Minister Franceschini has secured 20 million measures for the non-repayable FUS for the activities carried out between January and February, and 13 of additional funding to cover copyright have been requested. Rules were required for the full disbursement of the FUS with liquidity during the year. It was also requested that the funds are not only for the workers of the show and that the Enpals Special Allowance, not only for 30 days … Emergency income can perhaps be used. It is proposed that the redundancy fund should also be extended to intermittent workers in SMEs. The Municipality of Rome has given impetus to the liquidations of the 2019 reports and the Eureka and Estate Romana projects have been confirmed, for the entire three-year period 2020-2022 The suspension of TARI and rentals has begun. Possibility of financing not only projects, but programs. Cultural activities are financed by tourist taxes, with the consequence that Rome will lack about 90 of € that will try to cover without going into deficit, with a specific request to the Government. Eleonora Guadagno There is a continuous dialogue that has been activated since the beginning with the national government and this meeting is the first of a series that wants to bring the municipality closer to cultural realities. Emiliano Paoletti Possibility to send projects via PEC is not possible (some comments express perplexity)… It is necessary to send them as registered mail also with home collection for a cost of € 3.5. The three-year nature of the project is confirmed The three-year period of the Roman Summer is safeguarded In the past, intervention in the public sector has been progressively reduced in favor of the evolution of the private sector. This mode is incompatible with the current state of the country. The contribution of culture to the development of society is decisive. But there will be no future if we do not intervene in a capillary but systemic way at the level of government, both national and local. Link

TO ALL THE ASSOCIATED CHOIRS Latest news on the front of relations with the Institutions… After the letters sent on 09 April 2020 (prot. 127/20P) to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Culture (and related secretariats), we have put in place a series of initiatives to interact with the Presidents of the Regions… What? In addition to sending our proposals for the resumption of the activities of the choral sector, we have requested concrete and immediate support for the regional realities we represent. We believe that with the disbursement of the Funds for Culture and For Third Sector Entities, there may be a sort of “assault on diligence” by the myriad of categories and associations, each interested in carving out a slice of the cake. AND WHO PROTECTS OUR CHOIRS? WHO PRESENTS THE REQUESTS, ON THEIR BEHALF, TO THE INSTITUTIONS? Our Federation has taken on this demanding role and, thanks to the support of ALL the members, we are reaching goals that were unthinkable until now. Many regional representatives have already sent us a detailed report on the real needs of the Choirs for the imminent resumption of activities, and on this basis we have drawn up the first letters of request to the Presidents of the Regions. RESULTS? In 4 regions, the authorities have meanwhile taken note of our “presence” (evidently before we were “TRANSPARENT”), and consultation tables have been set up to deal with the various requests presented. So far it has not been easy, but we do not give up! We have a great responsibility to protect thousands of choristers and a piece of Italian culture. I ask you, therefore, to be close to us at this stage, sending us all your requests or reports in which you indicate the real situation of your Choir… we will collect all your suggestions, all your requests and bring them to the attention of the regional institutions. So far the regions with which we have interacted are: Abruzzo, Sardinia, Sicily, Lazio. Of course, we are also working on other regions, so contact us to be able to work together with you, in a functional and effective way. Finally, I inform you that the fundraising in favor of chorality, launched internationally a few weeks ago, continues successfully. A warm greeting and a strong choral embrace! Link