The non-profit Association is established as an INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION and has as its object the study, practice, study and dissemination of choral singing, music and art in general. The associative purposes, in particular, are:

  • to contribute to the dissemination and promotion of singing and choral music, of initiatives aimed at developing the choral and ethno-musical heritage of the various cultural realities at an international level and the knowledge of it among citizens, not interfering in any way on the addresses, choices and activities of each affiliated group;
  • promote cooperation and mutual understanding between cultures, nations and individuals through choral singing, music and folklore;
  • coordinate choirs, groups, ensembles, federations and musical and choral associations of individual states through a communication network (web, social, email, etc.)
  • organize events (Reviews, Concerts, Festivals, Masterclasses, Seminars, Workshops, Fairs) in collaboration with the Choral and Musical Associations of the individual States and with choirs of all nationalities;
  • to take care of the diffusion of publications, newsletters and records specialized in choral singing;
  • organize Masterclasses and Courses for the training of conductors, musicians, choristers and composers.
  • promote unanimity in institutional settings
  • organize projects for young people and families of any nationality, in collaboration with exchange bodies and organizations;
  • organize international cultural and study exchanges with stays, trips, internships and trips;
  • build consultation libraries, establish ongoing relationships with national and international public bodies, private, administrative, cultural, artistic, school, tourism and publishing institutes operating in the sector and of any nationality, develop relationships and relationships with similar foreign associations on the basis of reciprocity;
  • promote and organize activities for social inclusion.