BUT WHO ARE WE? Now everything is finally clear. We could not understand why in no ministerial ordinance, in any communication, in any Decree, the “Choral” Category appeared … even in the stated reopenings of activities in Phase 2 there is no mention of the CORO category. The category of the Show is named with all its employees, theaters, musicians, event agencies, cinemas … but NEVER the word CORO was spoken. We asked ourselves a thousand questions and as a Federation we strongly demanded answers from the highest institutions that, through officials and managers, finally pronounced themselves, clarifying the real reason for this colossal exclusion. IN A NUTSHELL “WE ARE NOT RECOGNIZED AS A CATEGORY”!! The Choirs are seen as territorial entities that basically carry out playful, artistic, cultural activities but completely amateur and spontaneous, without coordination or organic connection. We are disconcerted and embittered by these considerations and we have expressed this openly by sending our demands to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Culture, the Secretariats, the Commissions and many Leaders of various Ministries. Obviously we speak on behalf of our associated choirs (which grow daily in number). In summary, we claim our belonging to a CATEGORY of absolute importance for the country… a Category that produces CULTURE, that intervenes in the SOCIAL, that protects the TRADITIONS of the territories, that promotes quality TOURISM, that UNITES peoples with singing and that exports the richest MUSICAL HERITAGE in the World. We are not a “niche” of the Society but a huge number of citizens who have made chorality their reason for living, investing their resources and their time, to keep alive one of the cultural and traditional events that characterize Italy abroad. As Federazione Cori Italiani Chorus Inside, we therefore claim the role of CATEGORY for what has been done over the years by our Choirs and for the close bond that in fact unites every choral reality … WE ARE NOT DISTINCT ENTITIES without connection but each of our collectives manifests the same needs, the same motivations, the same social dynamics. Our Federation is committed, with all its strength, to coordinate, support, promote and provide services not for a single choir but for an entire choral category. From the analysis we carried out on over 500 choirs, it emerged that many collectives risk dissolving and disappearing due to the scarcity of funds to manage the resumption of activities as well as for the objective difficulty in overcoming the fear of contagion in normal social relations. We risk seeing a piece of Italian culture disappear, a centuries-old heritage built on the basis of the most authentic Italian regional traditions. We cannot accept it without opposing remedies or interventions to support the Choirs in this moment of crisis and epochal upheavals. We therefore ask the government institutions to recognize us as a COLLECTIVE ENTITY and to evaluate the right support FOR ALL CHOIRS so that they can resume their important role in our Society. This time we will not sing but if necessary we will scream our reasons! Of course we will keep you updated on developments. Thanking you for the affection you show us every day, I send you the strongest choral embrace! Davide Recchia President of the Federation of Italian Choirs Chorus Inside APS – Ente Terzo Settore Link