AT LAST!! WE CAN CONFIRM THAT THE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL CHORUS INSIDE CROATIA, FROM 27 AUGUST TO 01 SEPTEMBER 2020, WILL TAKE PLACE! We have received the safety protocols of the accommodation facilities that will host the choirs and the necessary authorizations for the locations where the events will take place. Every aspect related to security has been carefully prepared in line with all the provisions issued on the subject, both by the Government of Croatia and by Italy. I understand the fear of many choristers in participating in singing events after the long block of activities … but the spirit of the recent Ministerial Decrees is to resume activities in phase 2 and to gradually reactivate all sectors and categories INCLUDING THOSE OF A CULTURAL AND SOCIAL NATURE. Everyone can freely evaluate whether or not to take responsibility for having their choir participate in a concert or even in simple weekly rehearsals … but without assuming critical attitudes towards those who decide, in full compliance with the laws and safety protocols, to resume choral activities. For our part, we will organize every event in scrupulous observance of all safety provisions and we will strive to rekindle the joy of singing in choir “live” and not in a virtual way …. All the Categories are reorganizing despite the fact that there is no zero risk… and if the activity of a gym has the dignity of being reopened and made accessible to the many lovers of physical fitness, we believe that even the Choirs have the dignity of being able to exercise their activities without being blamed for this. Therefore, we propose this first international event as a possible first step to reactivate our Choirs, in the hope that soon we can all return to normal. I send you a warm greeting and a choral embrace! The President Read the security protocol