The path of 4 meetings (120 minutes each), is structured according to the following program: 1st appointment – The height of the sound, the notes, the pentagram, the keys. Intervals The durations, the rhythms in time of binary division (simple times) and ternary division (compound times) Readings, auditory recognition exercises, easy transcriptions 2nd appointment – The major scale, structure, degrees of the scale, the tonic. The stairs with the diesis and with the flats, circle of the 5e Time and strong time, the joke. Metric indication Readings, examples and exercises of auditory recognition 3rd appointment – The minor scale. Tonic and dominant. Countertime and syncope Readings, examples and exercises of auditory recognition, easy transcriptions 4th appointment – Melodies, scales and modulations. Intervals and triads. Start in rising and beating. Readings, examples and exercises of auditory recognition, easy transcriptions. The student is guided in a path that makes him aware of many "musical structures" that are already within us, thanks to our cultural baggage, and that we can exploit to improve reading. It is therefore not a course of theory and solfeggio but of training in sung reading and the development of attention and musical ear. PAULA GALLARDO SERRAO Argentina by birth has completed the Studies of Composition, 8th year of Piano and Diploma of Professor of Music Education at the Conservatory "G. Gilardi" of La Plata (Argentina). He also obtained the Higher Diploma of Composition at the Conservatory "F. Morlacchi" of Perugia. Among the Professors, the Masters E. Carranza, S. Malbràn, M. Rappallini, E. Gerardi, V. Maragno, O. Escalada in Argentina. Master Edgar Alandia in Italy. Interpreter and composer-arranger of various musical genres (classical music, salsa, tango, klezmer music and children's music).