Finally Italy is about to get out of the quarantine tunnel and gradually each category will resume its activities … but the Choirs? Will they be able to reorganize and maybe do the weekly rehearsals? This is the most recurring question that our members ask us also because the “Choirs” category has never been included or mentioned in the list of priority subjects that will resume carrying out their activities. As federazione Cori italiani Chorus Inside we are dealing with government institutions and, on our own initiative, we are drafting a Safety Protocol that allows us, in the future, to carry out at least the tests without taking risks. I report in the post some points that we have inserted, but we are ready to accept your proposals to make this tool even more effective. What more can I say? Only that the Federation is alive, and is representing all the associated Choirs in front of the Institutions… an important, difficult and necessary task that I hope will bring a concrete benefit in the coming months. I send everyone my personal wish to always be positive and optimistic because the history of man teaches us that after every calamity there is always a “renaissance” both socially and culturally. And we want to be ready for that moment. A warm greeting and a choral “virtual” embrace to all. Link

Davide Recchia placeholder image President of the Federation of Italian Choirs Chorus Inside APS – Ente Terzo Settore