SPAIN 2018

Date:  – 

Venue: Lloret de Mar (Spain)

Choirs / Ensembles
Pueri et Puellae Cantores Plocenses Poland 29,75  GRAND PRIX
Joia d’Alella 22,00
Aniello Polsi Italy 19,50
F. P. Tosti Italy 18,50
Fenix 29,30
Pueri et Puellae Cantores Plocenses Poland 29,00
Sol Ixent 24,00
Group Vocal V9 23,00
Nathalie-Anna Ufer 29,00  GRAND PRIX
Yulia Vakula 28,70
Ninel Zashcherinskaya 26,00
Aleksandra Kenenova 25,00
Alicja Kłosińka 24,00
Inga Marukyan 23,00
In the warm Spanish summer, Music and Singing mix with fun and charm in the most beautiful places along Costa Brava. Mediterranean atmosphere, beaches, sea, ancient castles, enchanting towns, nightlife and the wonderful town of Barcelona create a perfect scenario for enhancing choral singing and give your choir the chance to experience unique emotions.