Help us support the chorality

Help us to support the choirs from the countries which are suffering from Covid-19.

A piece of our culture is likely to disappear, the secular heritage made of the most authentic traditions is temporarily blocked and it doesn’t have enough fundings to start the slow and gradual path to normality.

The Choir is the most immersive human manifestation, it’s able to mix people, cultures, traditions, and to set aside all the disputes and differences…
Every single choir singer is a brother, regardless of ethnicity, religion, political believes, economy… all these aspects mean nothing inside the Choir.
The Choir is the most effective tool to bring Peace and Brotherhood. We can’t lose this treasure without any support through this very hard time full of world-wide upheavals.

The Chorus Inside Federation has just opened a subscription to raise funds for the most relevant necessities of the associated choirs, for the immediate and for the future. You can help us by donating a small contribution by Paypal (donazione visa mastercard ecc)

or to:

IBAN: IT76 C0538 77743 000000 3049781
Codice BIC (cod. SWIFT): BPMOIT22 XXX

With your help we’ll be back to perform… our song of hope to the world!

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