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FREE ONLINE COURSE by Maestro Marco Maiero

These will be the topics covered by the Course:
Popular chorality from the collection of philological testimonies to spontaneous and structured chorality.
– When, how, where the "spontaneous" songs that start the chorality are born
– The '900 and the collections of testimonies of philological intent on the territory and their legacy
– The debate on the need for an intervention on the collected material and the inevitable transformation
– Folk songs of northern Italy
– The Friulian villotta
The chorality of "mountain"
– When, how and where the myth of mountain singing was born
– Choirs and harmonizers protagonists of the golden season of mountain singing – Musical analysis of some of the most significant works of the repertoire
– Harmonizers and composers of "popular" choral singing
Main protagonists of the development, from the second post-war period, of choral folk singing
– Musical analysis of some of the most significant works of the repertoire
– History and works of Bepi De Marzi: one of the most significant protagonists of popular choral singing

Marco Màiero

a choral songwriting experience

I was born in Tricesimo (Ud) in 1956. In 1981 I graduated in trombone at the Conservatory "J. Tomadini" of Udine. I teach music education in the Middle School.

The beginning of my career in the field of choral music is closely linked to the indispensable teachings of Maestro Bepi De Marzi and the voices of the choir "Vôs de mont" that I founded in 1978 and with which I began to propose original songs of which I am composer and author.

The texts of my compositions have always found expressive light in the colors of the earth and Friulian history but without necessarily remaining bound to the use of the local language.
My music is inspired by the current of popular author's singing, a sort of ethnic polyphony in which melody and harmonization, while using an accessible language, are constantly looking for the potential and colors of the voice.
My songs turn out to be clear mirrors of the soul and for this reason they are widely welcomed in the repertoire of many Italian and foreign choirs.

In 2000, together with passionate friends, I gave life to the brass decimino "Brassevonde".
This experience gives me the stimulus to expand the repertoire of arrangements and compositions for the group but also for various instrumental formations.

In 2015 the pianist Paolo Chiarandini revisited some of my songs proposing them in an original piano version and collecting them in a CD entitled "Anime e lune".

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