TO ALL THE ASSOCIATED CHOIRS Latest news on the front of relations with the Institutions… After the letters sent on 09 April 2020 (prot. 127/20P) to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Culture (and related secretariats), we have put in place a series of initiatives to interact with the Presidents of the Regions… What? In addition to sending our proposals for the resumption of the activities of the choral sector, we have requested concrete and immediate support for the regional realities we represent. We believe that with the disbursement of the Funds for Culture and For Third Sector Entities, there may be a sort of “assault on diligence” by the myriad of categories and associations, each interested in carving out a slice of the cake. AND WHO PROTECTS OUR CHOIRS? WHO PRESENTS THE REQUESTS, ON THEIR BEHALF, TO THE INSTITUTIONS? Our Federation has taken on this demanding role and, thanks to the support of ALL the members, we are reaching goals that were unthinkable until now. Many regional representatives have already sent us a detailed report on the real needs of the Choirs for the imminent resumption of activities, and on this basis we have drawn up the first letters of request to the Presidents of the Regions. RESULTS? In 4 regions, the authorities have meanwhile taken note of our “presence” (evidently before we were “TRANSPARENT”), and consultation tables have been set up to deal with the various requests presented. So far it has not been easy, but we do not give up! We have a great responsibility to protect thousands of choristers and a piece of Italian culture. I ask you, therefore, to be close to us at this stage, sending us all your requests or reports in which you indicate the real situation of your Choir… we will collect all your suggestions, all your requests and bring them to the attention of the regional institutions. So far the regions with which we have interacted are: Abruzzo, Sardinia, Sicily, Lazio. Of course, we are also working on other regions, so contact us to be able to work together with you, in a functional and effective way. Finally, I inform you that the fundraising in favor of chorality, launched internationally a few weeks ago, continues successfully. A warm greeting and a strong choral embrace! Link