CHORAL FRATERNITY But does it really exist? In fact, it is a term that we often use to indicate the spirit with which we sometimes carry out our activities, when we collaborate with other choirs, when we interact with other realities, or when we participate in international festivals. Yet, many choirs continue to ask us: DOES IT REALLY EXIST? Do you find that this “fraternal” spirit is present among choirs, between federations or between conductors? Many are skeptical about the existence of this fraternal spirit that should in some way bind chorality in a common bond, in the sharing of values such as love for music and song, solidarity, friendship. It is undeniable that some openly express their hostility towards a choral federation, towards a choir or a conductor. But can we consider the positions of some subjects as the thought of all chorality or of an entire federation? And then the crucial question: WHAT IS THE POSITION OF THE FEDERATION OF ITALIAN CHOIRS CHORUS INSIDE? I will try to be as clear as possible… The Italian Choirs Federation Chorus Inside was born as an “Association of Choirs” at the request of many Italian collectives that have expressed the need to have a “direct” relationship with the central management body and the need for an efficient choral network. By choice, therefore, we are not a Federation of regional associations. We simply formed ourselves to be at the service of the Choirs. We are a small Federation but constantly growing… and animated by an inexhaustible energy and great desire to see our projects realized. The work we do every day leads us to share all the problems faced by our associated choirs and together with them we always try to find an effective line of support. THE ACTIVITY WE CARRY OUT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT IN CONFLICT WITH THE WORK CARRIED OUT BY OTHER FEDERATIONS AND, ALTHOUGH MAINTAINING A DIFFERENT VISION, WE ALWAYS RESPECT THE WORK DONE BY OTHERS. On the other hand, the principle on which chorality is based is the UNION for which we are always available to collaborate or to undertake virtuous paths with every Association, Federation, Organization, Collective that you want to put at the service of chorality. We have done this before and will continue to do so. Last thing. The differences of views between Federations do not represent a reason for contrast or opposition but, on the contrary, they are a sign of vitality, of different approach, of opportunities for choice in order to have an alternative … the monopoly system is not a synonym of plurality or democracy but of a flattening that would oppress the entire choral sector. We are therefore happy that Italian choristers can choose which Federation to belong to… choose the type of association that best meets your needs and that provides the most functional services to its activities, without entering into a dynamic of conflict. Choral fraternity is born precisely from this… to feel united in the sharing of values and common interests despite the federative diversity. I hope to have clearly expressed the thought of our Federation and I hope that precisely in this period of calamity and suffering, all the Italian chorality can come together and find itself, united in the true spirit of choral fraternity. A warm greeting.

Davide Recchia placeholder image President of the Federation of Italian Choirs Chorus Inside APS – Ente Terzo Settore