The Department of Education and Sciences of the city of Moscow, together with the Center for Creative Development and Music Education “RADOST” and FEDERCORI (Federation of Italian Choirs Chorus Inside), has appointed Maestro Fabrizio Barchi as Teacher and Speaker for the Russian Forum “KHOREXPO” dedicated to the Development of Choral Creativity, to be held in Moscow from 23 to 26 September 2021 at the “Great Hall of the Moscow House of Composers“. Maestro Barchi will represent the Chorus Inside Federation and his speech will be broadcast live streaming during the work of KHOREXPO. The Event is sponsored by: National Association of Russian Choirs Moscow Musical Society State Institute for Education “Gnesin” Moscow State Conservatory “P.I. Tchaikovsky” FGBUK “State Institute of Folk Art “V.D.Polenov” The Teachers of “KHOEXPO 2021” are:

  • ZHDANOVA Tatyana (Conductor of the Center “Radost”)
  • ABALYAN Boris (professor of the St. Petersburg Conservatory “N.A.Rimsky-Korsakov”)
  • AVETISYAN Ekaterina (artistic director of the Moscow Bells choir)
  • ANTONOV Pavel (Professor of the Moscow State Conservatory “P.I. Tchaikovsky”)
  • BALYANSKAYA Marina (Associate Professor of the Moscow Department of Choral Conducting “A.G.Schnittke”)
  • BARCHI Fabrizio (Professor of the Department of Choral Conducting at the Lorenzo Perosi Conservatory of Campobasso)
  • DUNAEVA Ekaterina (Artistic Conductor of the Center for Creative Development “Radost”)
  • ZHAROVA Elena (Conductor of the Institute “Malyshok”)
  • ZABIYAKO Viktor (Professor of the Moscow University of Humanities and the Russian Academy of Music “Gnesins”, Honorary Professor of the State Conservatories of Verona and Beijing)
  • ZANORIN Alexander (Rector of the Saratov State Conservatory named after L.V. Sobinova, Professor of the Department of Orchestral Conducting)
  • MALYAVINA Nadezhda (Artistic Conductor of the Academic Male Choir MEPhI)
  • NIKIFOROV Yuri (Honored Artist of Culture and General Education of the Russian Federation)
  • PLESHAK Sergey (Associate Professor of the St. Petersburg Conservatory “N.А.Rimsky-Korsakov”)
  • POKROVSKY Alexei (Associate Professor of the Russian Academy of Music in Gnesins)
  • SELEDTSOVA Ksenia (Professor of Choir Conducting at the St. Petersburg School of Music and Pedagogy)
  • TYUVAEV Igor (Associate Professor of the Department of Music Education of the Novosibirsk State Theatre Institute)
  • FEDOSEEVA Galina (Head of the Department of Academic Singing of the Faculty of Music of the Institute of Contemporary Art)
  • YURKEVSKAYA Anastasia (Singing teacher of the Center for Creative Development and Music Education “Radost”)

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