A "historic" meeting that allowed the registered choirs to discuss and dialogue on the planning of the next activities in Sardinia. Many points are the subject of in-depth analysis and many ideas that have been taken into consideration for the artistic growth of Sardinian chorality. Read the minutes

The choirs involved were the following:

  • Female Choral Priamo Gallisay
  • Male Choral Priamo Gallisay
  • Female Polyphonic Choir Tonara
  • Choral Leiese
  • Choral Harmonia Mundi
  • Choir Su Circannueu
  • Choir Marianna Bussalai
  • Olzai Polyphonic Choir
  • Bendas Choir
  • Ass.ne Bobore Nuvoli
  • Monte Gonare Choir
  • Istelotte Choir
  • Sa Pintadera Choir
  • Royal Donu Choir
  • Choral A.Vivaldi

We hope that this first meeting can act as a stimulus to always be committed to a united, cohesive, functional chorality to obtain advantages for all members. We thank all the participants who have highlighted a deep spirit of chorality … and a big hug to our representatives who worked for the success of the meeting, Sandro Pisanu and Amedeo Bianchi …True Friends united "chorally" to our Federation. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!