The Department of Education and Sciences of the city of Moscow, together with the Center for Creative Development and Music Education “RADOST” and FEDERCORI (Federation of Italian Choirs Chorus Inside), has appointed Maestro Fabrizio Barchi as Teacher and Speaker for the Russian Forum “KHOREXPO” dedicated to the Development of Choral Creativity, to be held in Moscow from 23 to 26 September 2021 at the “Great Hall of the Moscow House of Composers“. Maestro Barchi will represent the Chorus Inside Federation and his speech will be broadcast live streaming during the work of KHOREXPO. The Event is sponsored by: National Association of Russian Choirs Moscow Musical Society State Institute for Education “Gnesin” Moscow State Conservatory “P.I. Tchaikovsky” FGBUK “State Institute of Folk Art “V.D.Polenov” The Teachers of “KHOEXPO 2021” are:

  • ZHDANOVA Tatyana (Conductor of the Center “Radost”)
  • ABALYAN Boris (professor of the St. Petersburg Conservatory “N.A.Rimsky-Korsakov”)
  • AVETISYAN Ekaterina (artistic director of the Moscow Bells choir)
  • ANTONOV Pavel (Professor of the Moscow State Conservatory “P.I. Tchaikovsky”)
  • BALYANSKAYA Marina (Associate Professor of the Moscow Department of Choral Conducting “A.G.Schnittke”)
  • BARCHI Fabrizio (Professor of the Department of Choral Conducting at the Lorenzo Perosi Conservatory of Campobasso)
  • DUNAEVA Ekaterina (Artistic Conductor of the Center for Creative Development “Radost”)
  • ZHAROVA Elena (Conductor of the Institute “Malyshok”)
  • ZABIYAKO Viktor (Professor of the Moscow University of Humanities and the Russian Academy of Music “Gnesins”, Honorary Professor of the State Conservatories of Verona and Beijing)
  • ZANORIN Alexander (Rector of the Saratov State Conservatory named after L.V. Sobinova, Professor of the Department of Orchestral Conducting)
  • MALYAVINA Nadezhda (Artistic Conductor of the Academic Male Choir MEPhI)
  • NIKIFOROV Yuri (Honored Artist of Culture and General Education of the Russian Federation)
  • PLESHAK Sergey (Associate Professor of the St. Petersburg Conservatory “N.А.Rimsky-Korsakov”)
  • POKROVSKY Alexei (Associate Professor of the Russian Academy of Music in Gnesins)
  • SELEDTSOVA Ksenia (Professor of Choir Conducting at the St. Petersburg School of Music and Pedagogy)
  • TYUVAEV Igor (Associate Professor of the Department of Music Education of the Novosibirsk State Theatre Institute)
  • FEDOSEEVA Galina (Head of the Department of Academic Singing of the Faculty of Music of the Institute of Contemporary Art)
  • YURKEVSKAYA Anastasia (Singing teacher of the Center for Creative Development and Music Education “Radost”)

Meeting with the President of the CHORUS INSIDE EMILIA ROMAGNA Association, Luigi Pizzaleo, at the headquarters of FEDERCORI… a fruitful moment of comparison and planning for future activities planned in the Emilia Romagna region, as well as an opportunity to share in friendship the recent federative experiences. The meeting was attended by the National Vice President, Pasquale Veleno, the National Coordinator Frank William Marinelli, and the President Davide Recchia.
We thank Luigi Pizzaleo for the excellent work done so far in favor of the regional chorality and we hope that he can realize in the shortest possible time, the important choral project that he presented to us.
A warm greeting to all the associated choirs in Emilia Romagna!! See you soon!

Today, August 24, Ukraine celebrates the 30th anniversary of its independence, one of the most important holidays for the Ukrainian people. The CHORUS INSIDE Federation wishes all Ukrainian Choirs and the National Association of Ukrainian Choirs to continue the path of friendship, collaboration and cultural exchange undertaken with Europe and with all the nations of the world… The great choral and musical heritage of Ukraine represents a real resource for our Federation and we are sure that together with the many associated Ukrainian choirs, it will be possible to spread and promote Ukrainian culture in the world. Happy 30th Anniversary to the entire Board of the National Association of Ukrainian Choirs: Karolina Vycaite – Oksana Suhetska – Dmitry Morozov – Tatiana Bobyr – Oksana Tkachenko – Olena Yatskulinets – Larisa Buhonskaja
An organization, based in Kiev, which coordinates and promotes the activity of many Ukrainian choirs and is committed to spreading the musical and choral culture of Ukraine in the world.
The Association is affiliated to the International Federation CHORUS INSIDE.
The members of the Board are:
OKSANA SUHETSKA (Vice-President)
TATIANA BOBYR (Secretary General)
Congratulations to all the members of the new association!
14 August 2021 ore 21:30 ORSOGNA (CH)
A great event that makes us proud… as a Federation we are honored to have among the associated choirs an excellence that celebrates 100 years of activity!!!!!
The Choir “LA FIGLIA DI JORIO” of Orsogna, a collective deeply rooted in the territory of origin, which over the years has become a vehicle of culture and musical tradition of Abruzzo all over the world.
It is certified that the Choir was founded in 1921 on the initiative of Attilio Bartoletti who, with the collaboration of some young people of the local “Schola Cantorum”, began the preparation of a folk program. The first performance of the choir took place in August 1921 in the Laroma district of Casoli.
A great goal achieved by the Choir LA FIGLIA DI JORIO… a rich wealth of experience acquired over 100 years that give the current collective the awareness of its origins, of the long path undertaken and the clear vision of the objectives still to be achieved.
The Board of FEDERCORI together with all the associated Choirs congratulate the President Alessandro Bene, Maestro Mario Tenaglia and all the members of the Choir!!!
We are proud to inform all members, that Maestro Michele Josia (Member of the National Artistic Commission) won the SILVER MEDAL at the Global Music Awards held in California, for the music composed for the feature film III SMOKING BARRELS, in collaboration with Anurag Saikia.
A fair recognition for the Talent and for the high artistic value expressed in all the works carried out in the brilliant career of Maestro Josia.